Meet The Owner

 My name is Cassandra Kranjec, and I am the proud owner of HealthHit Supplements. You can call me Cass though because now, we're friends. So, I just wanted to get on here and give you a little bit of a background about who I am, what I do, where I fit into this industry, and why I started a supplement brand, also, why you should choose HealthHit Supplements. All right.  

So me, I have been dancing my entire life since I was 2 years old. I trained in everything, from jazz, tap, ballet, hip hop, lyrical, contemporary, musical theater, the list goes on. I danced competitively. I traveled all across Canada and the U.S. and won multiple awards, had an awesome time competing. And then I went on and I started dancing professionally. So I have done everything from music videos, TV shows, backup dancing, kind of a little bit of everything. And I absolutely love performing. That is my one true love is dance.  

But also, I am a teacher. So I am a dance teacher and I teach everyone from littles to 5 years old to adults. And I'm also a fitness instructor. Four years ago, I got certified as a fitness instructor specialist. I currently work at a gym, teach at a gym, and I absolutely love it. I teach everything from Body Sculpt, fundamental fitness classes, Dance Fitness, Bootcamp, Circuit. You name it, I teach it. I also got certified to be a TRX Suspension Trainer as well as a Stages Spin Instructor and recently became a Healthy Eating and Weight Loss Coach. So I am very passionate about nutrition as well.  

So that is kind of where I decided I wanted to bring a supplement brand to all of you. There are so many supplement brands out there, of course. Lots of places where you can get supplements. You might be a little bit overwhelmed though when you're trying to decide what supplements you need and what actually is going to benefit you and where you should put your money when it comes to vitamins and supplements. So because of my nutrition background, I'm here to tell you what you need to take in a supplement form because, of course, you can get vitamins from your diet. Of course, we know that. But, it's very hard to get all of the necessary vitamins through diet alone, so that's where supplements come in. Because, of course, we're not eating the same foods every single day. And everybody needs something different, depending on your goals. You may have a weight loss goal, a weight gain goal. You may have a certain medical condition. There's a whole bunch of different things to factor in when you're buying vitamins and supplements.  

So, why should you buy from HealthHit Supplements? Well, we are your one-stop supplement shop. Anything you need, vitamins and supplements, you can come to us and we will have it. But not just that. I am available, all the time, to answer your DMs, your emails. Any time you need to get a hold of me if you have a question about your vitamins, or supplements, or what you should be taking, I'm here to answer those questions. It's not like going to a store that is a franchise and they're just trying to sell you products, and maybe that product is gonna expire soon, so they'll really kind of push that one on you. Well, you're not gonna have that when you come to my online store. Not only do you have me as a resource, all the time, to answer your questions, but who wouldn't want to support a small business. 

You will get vitamins and supplements at low prices. The top-quality ingredients go into my supplements. That is my guarantee to you. And you will get it in a timely manner. Lots of care and thought has gone into the ingredients in all of my vitamins and supplements on my line. You don't need flashy logos and flashy marketing in order to provide an amazing product. So my guarantee to you is an amazing high-quality product. Also, if you're going for something that's flavored, like my BCAAs, watermelon, absolute favorite flavor, that's gonna taste real good. I promise you that as well. It's not gonna break the bank and you can guarantee that you are getting the proper information from me directly, the owner. What more could you ask for? 

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