Mental Wellness Bundle

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The Mental Wellness Bundle

was designed to help fight depression, anxiety, stress and to support overall brain function*. 


Products Included

Neuro + Brain & Focus

Neuro + Brain & Focus is sure to be your GO-TO BRAIN SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT. This PREMIUM product HAS IT ALL, and costs 80% less then our competitors product (because taking care of your brain health shouldn’t cost a fortune!)

Benefits Include:

-Increased Mental Performance*

-Increased Focus, Memory & Clarity* (to be productive and attentive during your most important tasks)

-Increased Mood*

-Increased Energy*

-Stress Relief*

-Anxiety Relief*

-Improved Sleep*


Ashwagandha is a plant that reduces ‘the stress hormone’ cortisol.

Our Organic Ashwagandha with Black Pepper offers a HIGH POTENCY dose in every serving (1300mg).

Benefits of taking this supplement include:

-Supports a Healthy Nervous System*

-Reduces the Effects of Stress & Anxiety*

-Balances Hormone Levels*

-Natural Energy Booster*

-Improves Memory Function*

-Improves Gut Health*

-Promotes Bone Health*

-Promotes Restful & Deep Sleep*

The reason for adding Organic Black Pepper to this supplement is to increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of Ashwagandha, to ensure you are GETTING THE MOST out of this herbal supplement. 

Omega 3 Fish-Oil

Our Omega 3 Fish-Oil is TRIPLE STRENGTH for the BEST results! Delivering high EPA and DHA content, and sea-harvested pelagic fish oil.

Benefits Include:

-Cognitive Health Support*

-Brain Function Support*

-Promotes Heart Health*

-Combined With Proper Diet and Exercise, May Assist In Weight Loss*

-Easy To Swallow (in a smooth softgel)

-No Fishy Taste* (small amount of natural lemon flavour has been added)

-Tested for Impurities