Cognitive Support Bundle

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The Cognitive Support Bundle

was designed to support healthy cognitive function throughout your day.* Help ease symptoms of depression, anxiety & stress with these 3 AMAZING products.* 

Products Included

Neuro + Brain & Focus

Neuro + Brain & Focus is sure to be your GO-TO BRAIN SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT. This PREMIUM product HAS IT ALL, and costs 80% less then our competitors product (because taking care of your brain health shouldn’t cost a fortune!)

Benefits Include:

-Increased Mental Performance*

-Increased Focus, Memory & Clarity* (to be productive and attentive during your most important tasks)

-Increased Mood*

-Increased Energy*

-Stress Relief*

-Anxiety Relief*

-Improved Sleep*


5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid that increases serotonin levels.

Low-serotonin levels may result in depression, anxiety, weight gain and trouble sleeping. Our 5-HTP is DOUBLE STRENGTH (200mg) which means more benefits, Including:

-Promotes a Positive Mood*

-Better Sleep*

-Stress Relief*

-Depression & Anxiety Relief*

-Aids In Weight Loss (by increasing feelings of fullness)*

-Improved Symptoms of Fibromyalgia*

-Reduced Migraine Frequency*


Keep Calm Formula 

Keep Calm is  a TOP-QUALITY supplement that is the PERFECTLY BALANCED solution for someone who experiences: stress, anxiety and depression and is looking for some extra daily support.

 Benefits Include:

-Helps to Reduce Stress & Anxiety*

-Helps Fight Depression*

-Boosts Focus & Mental Well-Being*

-Boosts Confidence & Performance*

-Encourages Emotional Balance*

-Promotes Overall Cognitive Health*

-Helps You Achieve a Restful Sleep*