Starting Line-Up Bundle

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The Starting Line-Up Bundle

was designed for the TRAINING ATHLETE ON A BUDGET. Start off with Energy & Focus Pre-Workout to prepare for training, Creatine for speed, energy, muscle building and recovery, up that protein intake to build lean muscle mass (post-workout) with Ultimate Whey Isolate, and Sleep Well Gummies to get a good nights sleep and wake up feeling RESTED & READY for your next training session. 

Products Included:

Energy & Focus Pre-Workout (Fruit Punch)

Prepare yourself for an incredible surge of energy, explosive strength and amazing muscular pumps as you experience Energy & Focus in our new and improved Fruit Punch flavour!*

Here’s the breakdown to this top-quality, AMAZING tasting product that will take your workouts to the next level.*

 -Sodium Citrate for Anaerobic Performance*

-Potassium Citrate for Heart Health & Increased Muscle Mass*

-B-Vitamin Complex for Energy*

-Folic Acid for Overall Health for Highly Active Individuals*

-Pantothenic Acid for Energy*

-Calcium for Digestion and Bone Density*

-Phosphorus for Endurance*

-Magnesium for Increased Protein Synthesis and Muscle & Nerve Function*

-Chromium for Lower Cortisol Levels Post-Workout*

-Dicreatine Malate for Lean Muscle*

-L-Arginine Alpha Ketoglutarate for Reduced DOMS*

-Beta Alanine for ATP Endurance*

-Caffeine for Energy*

-Energy/Endurance/Focus Matrix for Energy, Cognitive Function & Endurance*


Our 100% Creatine Monohydrate is the HIGHEST QUALITY & purest Creatine available, giving you ULTIMATE Creatine results! 

You'll get a HIGH DOSE of 5000mg in every 5g serving of PURE Creatine Monohydrate.

Benefits Include:

-Improved Strength*

-Increase Lean Muscle Mass*

-Quicker Muscle Recovery*

-Bursts of Energy & Speed (especially during HIIT)*

-No Added Sugar, Colour, Starch, Dyes, Flavourings or Preservatives

-Laboratory tested for quality and purity

-Micronized for fast absorption*

Ultimate Whey Isolate (Vanilla)

Ultimate Whey Isolate (Vanilla) is of the HIGHEST QUALITY Whey Isolates on the market. Ultimate Whey Isolate provides a high level of bioavailable naturally occurring amino acids. We've also included a digestive enzyme blend of Papain & Protease for better protein absorption and digestion, (which aids in a more efficient protein synthesis).* This means NO Bloating!*

 Benefits Include:

-Ideal for Building Lean Muscle*

-Contains Digestive Enzymes for Better Protein Absorption and Digestion*

-Increased Metabolic Function*

-Tastes Great!



-Perfect Protein If You Have a Lactose Sensitivity!*

Sleep Well Gummies

Our Sleep Well Gummies are sure to be your GO-TO SLEEP AID! With key ingredients: melatonin, Passiflora extract and Vitamin B6, these tasty gummies will assist you in waking up feeling well rested and refreshed*. It's as simple as that! 

Benefits Include:

-Improved Restful Sleep*

-Calming Effects*

-Mood Support*

-Great Tasting Fruit Flavoured Gummies!


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