Weight Loss Support Bundle

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Combined with proper diet & exercise, this AMAZING line-up of products will assist you through your weight loss journey.*

Products Included

Oxy Burn

Oxy Burn is a POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE advanced fat-loss formula. Combined with proper diet and exercise, it is the missing piece of the puzzle that you’ve been searching for!

Benefits Include:

-Increased Energy*

-Thermogenic Properties*

-Mental Focus*

-Metabolism Support*

-Appetite Control*



Ultimate ACV Gummies

Ultimate ACV Gummies are the BEST TASTING Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies on the market.

Benefits Include:

-Weight Loss Support*

-Boost Your Metabolism*

-Healthy Detoxing Agent*

-Aids In Digestion*

-Promotes Heart Health*

-Improved Complexion*

-Great Tasting (NO Vinegar After Taste)

-Pectin-Based Gummies*


-Non GMO*

Turmeric with Ginger

Our Organic Turmeric with Ginger is a HIGH-POTENCY supplement that delivers 500mg of Organic Turmeric, 50mg of 95% Curcuminoids, 100mg of Organic Ginger Extra, and 5mg of BioPerine in just 1 capsule!

 Benefits Include:

 -Joint Pain Relief*

 -Boosted Immune System*

 -Healthy Skin & Hair*

 -Everyday Stress Relief*

 -Anti-Inflammatory Properties*

 -Lower Risk of Brain Diseases*

 -Promotes Heart Health*

 -Helps Aid In Digestion*

Ultimate Omega Gummies 

Ultimate Omega Gummies are PACKED WITH OMEGA 3, 6 & 9! They also TASTE GREAT, and come in a convenient pectin-based gummy vitamin. (NO fishy taste here!)

Benefits Include:

-Increased Energy*

-Promotes Heart Health*

-Supports Metabolic Function*

-Helps Manage Cholesterol Levels*

-Joint Support*

-DHA for Anti-Aging & Brain Support*

-Great Tasting (NO fishy taste!)

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Lidia Ragusa
Order not received yet

Order is still in transit . Had hoped to revived by now…

Tye Campbell
Weight loss bundle

Great bang for your buck and this has really helped start out my weight loss journey.
Only regret is that I didn't order more !