Be Your Best Bundle

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The Be Your Best Bundle

was designed to help you BE YOUR BEST & FEEL YOUR BEST (mentally & physically)*, throughout your entire day & while you sleep. 

Products Included

Ultimate Multi Gummies

Ultimate Multi Gummies are TASTY & EFFECTIVE gummies that provide the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals for adults. In today’s fast-paced world, many of us do not get the daily recommended allowance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. Taking this great tasting supplement will bridge the nutrient gap in your diet.

Benefits Include:

-Immune Support*

-Increased Energy*

-Mental Alertness*

-Low Calories, Low Sugar*

-Taste Great!*

-Bridge The Nutrient Gap In Your Diet*

Probiotic-40 Billion CFU

Probiotic-40 Billion CFU is a DOUBLE STRENGTH daily probiotic supplement designed to restore digestive balance. With 4 probiotic strains, and MakTrek Bi-Pass Technology to protect probiotic content from stomach acid and allow for successful delivery for up to 20x the probiotic delivery (compared to supplements not protected with MAKTrek).

Benefits Include:

-Improved Digestive Health*

-Reduce Bloating*

-Mood Support*

-Immune Support*

-Boosts Energy Levels*

-Maintain Intestinal Flora*

Neuro + Brain & Focus

Neuro + Brain & Focus is sure to be your GO-TO BRAIN SUPPORT supplement. This PREMIUM product HAS IT ALL, and costs 80% less then our competitors product (because taking care of your brain health shouldn’t cost a fortune!)

Benefits Include:

-Increased Mental Performance*

-Increased Focus, Memory & Clarity* (to be productive and attentive during your most important tasks)

-Increased Mood*

-Increased Energy*

-Stress Relief*

-Anxiety Relief*

-Improved Sleep*

Sleep Well Gummies

Our Sleep Well Gummies for adults are sure to be your GO TO SLEEP AID! With key ingredients: melatonin, Passiflora extract and Vitamin B6, these tasty gummies will assist you in waking up feeling well rested and refreshed*. It's as simple as that! 

Benefits Include:

-Improved Restful Sleep*

-Calming Effects*

-Mood Support*

-Great Tasting Fruit Flavoured Gummies!

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Rosie H

I am obsessed with this bundle and will 100% be purchasing again!

The Ultimate Multi Gummies taste amazing, as well as the Sleep Well Gummies. I only take one Sleep Well Gummy as opposed to two and it puts me right to sleep within about 30 minutes and I dont feel groggy in the morning like some melatonin supplements make me feel.

I only have good things to say about the probiotics, they make such a difference in the amount of bloating I experience by the end of the day! Just make sure to take it with food especially if you are new to probiotics :)

I have yet to try the Neuro & Focus, but based on how amazing the other three supplements are I am sure I am going to love them just as much

Thanks so much for the review! So happy to hear you are satisfied with your purchase. -Cass

Mike Hand
BYB bundle

I enjoyed this bundle, Really liked the sleep well gummies.